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Boker BO1112 6 piece kitchen set

Boker 6 piece kitchen set

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Includes: 4" steak knife; 5" Australian steak; 7" chef’s; 8" carving knife; sharpening steel and a solid wood knife storage block. Knives feature 440 stainless blades and black, durable POM-Griffe handles. Dishwasher safe.

Coltellerie Berti Kitchen

Coltellerie Berti began crafting knives in 1895. It was founded by David Berti and has for four generations been uninterruptedly producing hand crafted knives…first at the hands of David then Severino his son, then Alvaro, Severino’s son and up to the present day with Andrea, Alvaro’s son - the Berti family continues its Tradition in the same place with the same, almost religious observance of the craftsman art handed down from father to son for more than 100 years.

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