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Klinta Beard and Stubble Oil - 30mL, 981528

Klinta Beard and Stubble Oil - 30mL, 981528

Klinta beard and stubble oil is easily absorbed and helps to protect and strengthen your beard and prevent itching.

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With a base made from argan, apricot kernel, jojoba and sunflower oils rich in vitamin E, our Beard and Stubble Oil is easily absorbed and helps to protect and strengthen your beard and prevent itching. Instead of perfumes, we use a masculine composition of nourishing essential oils - refreshing lemongrass, antiseptic cypress, healing lavender, immunity-boosting bergamot and purifying rosemary. Nothing else.

Five reasons why you should use Klinta’s Beard & Stubble Oil:

1. Your beard will smell great 
2. Your beard will look smarter and better cared for 
3. Your beard will easier to comb
4. The oil kills bacteria and fungus Many of us believe that flakiness in beards is dead skin or dandruff, but it is in fact tiny little fungal growths. A good beard oil kills this fungus.
5. Your skin will itch less

No colours 
No phthalates 
No mineral oils
No animal products 
No perfume 
No parabens or preservatives
How it’s used: Pour a couple of drops into the palm of your hand and massage the oil into your beard. Don’t take too much - it goes a long way. Comb and style.

This is how you overdo it: Start at the upper boundary of your beard and work the oil in with a downward motion. Finish off by soaking a face towel in really cold water and holding it over your beard. This encapsulates your creation and helps to close the nourishment into your skin. But don’t take too much - it goes a long way. Comb and style.


NOT THE AVERAGE SOY CANDLE... Our range of Klinta candles are made from either organic or sustainably sourced ingredients.  With recycled or recyclable packaging.  The candles are made using mostly essential oils and other very gentle vegetable oils which allows makes the candles perfect to use directly on your skin as massage oil, or moisturizer.  The entire klinta range is vegan, not tested on animals and made in Europe. 

The Klinta Skin Care range is just as gentle and pure as the candles and provides an aromatherapy experience as well as nourishing the skin.

Lisa Stevens did well in London. Life as a real estate broker was challenging and developing and life in the big city was exciting and social. But the desire for the living beech forest, the Skåne plains and a quieter pace was strong. So she took man, child, pick and pack and moved back to where she was born and raised. She moved home to Klinta.

All the savings, years of collecting creative ideas and great feathers of passion were put on opening an interior design shop in her parents' trading garden. There, between the cafe and the organic vegetable and flower fields, and with the help of a good friend in England, Lisa Klintas created her own scented candles . The ingredients were important. Renewable and natural oils that were so mild that you could actually use them as body oil as well. Recycling, durability, beautiful design, environmental impact - much recorded. Lisa also insisted that no unnecessary additives should be included and the scented candles would be dropped by hand so that each candle breathed craft and quality.

She found inspiration in the scents from the garden, the vegetable land, the forest, the lake, the home and the flower fields and recreated them in the candles. In this way, all the visitors to the commercial garden could bring a little bit of Klinta home and continue to enjoy around the clock, all year round. 

The massage and scented candles were a success! And the success spread quickly! It wasn't long before Klinta was in other stores around Skåne. Today, the same natural Klinta feeling is found in interior design shops, gift shops, flower shops and salons all over Sweden, Scandinavia and the world! The range is growing and now includes many products in home fragrance and skin care . Although much has happened since the first light was created, it is still exactly the same values ​​and requirements that apply. Klinta still strives for equally high quality and the same hand-picked feeling today. 

 "Everyone should experience a little bit of Klinta," says Lisa. “Our hand-picked, natural and mild scents are mixed with pure, nutritious and beautiful oil. They recreate memories from the past and then plant the new memories for the future. Every time we close the lid and send off one of our massage and fragrance candles, fragrance sticks , soaps or oils, it is part of that beloved plaque in Skåne we send. A craft that makes people feel good. We send, quite simply, a little bit of my Klinta. "

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