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Sigg Kids Drink Bottle 600mL - Master Of The Pitch

Sigg Kids Drink Bottle 600mL - Master Of The Pitch

High-quality, recyclable aluminum drinking bottle suited to both school and leisure activities.

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Isn’t it time you thought about your carbon footprint?

Every year, millions of litres of water are shipped around Australia in plastic bottles, contributing to pollution and landfill. It’s time to take a positive step and say no to plastic water bottles, with a Sigg Drink Bottle.

Sigg Drink Bottles are made from a single piece of extruded aluminium, so they’re incredibly tough. Because they’re made from metal, not plastic, your Sigg Drink Bottle won’t begin to smell or take on a stale taste. You’ll find a huge range of colours, patterns and sizes available to suit your lifestyle perfectly.

Best of all, they’re totally reusable. No more nasty plastic, no more unnecessary kilometres clocked up transporting expensive bottled water. And if you outgrow your Sigg Drink Bottle, you can even recycle it!

Durable, stylish and kind to the environment, Sigg Drink Bottles have it all! 

  • Made in Switzerland from a single, seamless piece of extruded aluminium.

  • Made from BPA-Free, non-toxic ingredients.

  • Non-porous aluminium construction ensures that your Sigg Drink Bottle won’t take on a strange smell, or taste stale after many uses, unlike plastic bottles.

  • Seamless construction gives nowhere for microscopic germs to hide.

  • Kid friendly bottle top.

  • Leak proof – even when filled with carbonated drinks.

  • Water-based interior coating won’t react with your drink.

  • Suitable for fruit juices.

  • Suitable for hot drinks up to 85ºC.

  • Recyclable – if you outgrow your Sigg bottle, just put it in the recycling bin!

  • Dishwasher safe.


Say goodbye to plastic bottles and say hello to Sigg!

Every Sigg drink bottle is crafted from a single, seamless piece of aluminium, meaning that unlike plastic bottles, your Sigg won’t take on smells or taste stale after multiple uses. Available in a variety of sizes, colours and designs, Sigg bottles are totally resusable.

In fact, Sigg drink bottles are recyclable – so if you outgrow your Sigg, just pop it in the bin!

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