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Dianova Lapstone Sharpener Cook, Horn

Dianova Lapstone Sharpener Cook, Horn

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DIAMOND WHETSTONE DIANOVA ® Lapstone COOK, Horn is fitted with diamonds and has a grip handle of reindeer antlers. The Lapston Cook, horn has a wide diamond surface, to obtain the same type of  movement that you have with a conventional sharpening steel. It’s two edges can be used as a sharpening steel to straighten a curved edge. Ideal for eg large chef’s knives. Popular as gifts.

Specifications: Length: 250 mm, Width: 20 mm, Diamond area: 150×20 mm


The Swedish company Dianova AB is a family business which from the beginning of the 90’s has developed, manufactured and marketed both original developed, standardized and customer adapted diamond and CBN tools. Dianova® is a registered EU-trademark. Dianova® Lapstone exist in a wide range of designs. The diamond sharpeners has gotten a lot of attention and has received many fine awards both in Sweden as well as internationally. The product has got a unique design with a fine and a coarse diamond surface as well as sharpening steel on the steel edges. These products are used in all areas such as hunting and fishing, kitchens and restaurants, crafting and industry, butchering and charcuterie as well as for company gifts.

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