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D-Parmy Leonardo da Vinci Limited Edition Fountain Pen

D-Parmy Leonardo da Vinci Limited Edition Fountain Pen

D-PARMY dedicates its new fountain pen to Leonardo da Vinci with the intent to celebrate one of the greatest and most important geniuses of the Renaissance and the whole mankind.

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Da Vinci was born in April 1452 and died in May 1519. In 2019 we celebrate 500 years since his death. DParmy would like to honor him with the creation of a Limited-edition fountain pen of extreme value.

A universally witty and talented man, he fully embodied his age’s spirit, bringing it to the main forms of expression in the most diverse fields of art and knowledge. He dealt with architecture and sculpture, he was a draftsman, an essay writer, a scenographer, an anatomist, a designer and an inventor.

At 16 years old he moved to Florence with his father. Florence was in that period one of the most lively cultural centers in Europe. Here artists, philosophers and scholars come from all over Italy. The active and dynamic atmosphere fostered exchange and new ideas. Young Leonardo come to the decision to study painting and joined the art studio of Verrocchio.

Codex on the Flight of Birds was probably written in 1505. The title is due to the topic texts and drawings deal with. In particular, Leonardo started to analyze birds’flight and structure to then move to designing flying machines.

The Codex is not a mere miscellaneous collection of notes and ideas, but a methodical attempt of analysis and proposal of new ideas about the subject of flight. Leonardo indeed nurtured the idea of a big essay divided into four parts, but he never ended his work.

D-Parmy has the intention to represent, rigorously by hand on each stand, the experiment with Flapping Wing designed by Leonardo.

This experimental machine was used to verify the capability of the human strength to flap with the sufficient energy the machine wing.

According to another interpretation, the same machine could have been useful to verify the behaviour of the wing itself during the intense movements it was supposed to make when used.

On the pen instead, the face of Leonardo has been portrayed, by hand as well.

D-PARMY wanted to transfer such magnificence to a fountain pen, using with a unique approach intarsia and craftsmanship techniques.

The decorations, completely handmade on each single pen and on the stands, recall Leonardo’s art every time one makes use of it.

The 50 one-of-a-kind pieces, completely handmade, are meant to pay tribute to the genius Leonardo da Vinci.

The nib is made of rhodium-plated 18-750K solid gold with iridium tip.


D-Parmy was established in 2012 from the desire to transform a passion for wood and inlay into fine writing instruments. Damiano Parmiggiani, a lover of fountain pens and owner of a historical company located in Novellara, near Reggio Emilia, initiated an ambitious project with a highly skilled inlayer. Together they created the first wooden fountain pen: except for the nib, all the wooden and metallic components are made in-house.

After seven months of technical and stylistic trials, the first collection of ballpoint and fountain pens was released and the Giuseppe Verdi project began to take shape. The centuries-old tradition of inlay in the nearby town of Rolo became part of the D-Parmy philosophy right from the start, appearing in the rings and polka-dots of certain models. Over time, the art of inlay is destined to increasingly imbue the aesthetic of the brand.

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