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Gustavsberg Natur Tea Cup with Saucer Snow White 1008

Gustavsberg Natur Tea Cup with Saucer Snow White 1008

Each cup, plate and saucer is decorated by hand, making each piece unique.

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Design: Siv and Stina Juhlin

The Nature Series has a black, narrow hand-painted edge under the glaze. The glaze is either completely transparent so the porcelain's own color shines through or it has received different color pigments.

Nature's colours are meant to be combined with each other.

Capacity: 30 cl


For almost 200 years, Gustavsberg's Porcelain Factory has made exclusive porcelain with famous designs like Berså, Ribb and Adam. Still today, all porcelain is handmade at the factory in Gustavsberg, outside of Stockholm.

The enchanting porcelain factory Gustavsberg dates back to 1825. Today Gustavsberg is Sweden's only porcelain factory and the only manufacturer of bone porcelain in the Nordic region - an exclusive and durable porcelain containing at least 45% bone ash. Gustavsberg manufactures all products by hand, from raw materials to the finished product, in the same way that has been done since the beginning. At the base of each product there is the famous brand and year of manufacture as proof that it is a quality product, ""Made in Gustavsberg Sweden"".

The Gustavsberg range includes porcelain with new designs and retro sets by designers like Stig Lindberg. Stig Lindberg started as a summer job at Gustavsbergs Porcelain Factory in 1937 and worked there until his death in 1982. His curiosity and talent ensured that he became an influential person at the porcelain factory. During his long career he designed several iconic dishes that are as popular today as they were when they were first released.

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