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Sttoke Lite 12oz Sugar Red

Sttoke Lite 12oz Sugar Red

Christmas Limited Edition

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It's the favorite season of the year again. Once a year Sttoke releases an exclusive Christmas cup because we just love the season that much. I mean who doesn't? Amidst the chaos it's important to stay positive and most importantly, grateful, to still be alive and blessed. 
This season, we're introducing our latest addition, Sugar Red. Picking the obvious season color, we wanted the this release to portray joy and luxury. Playing with the color scheme of the cup, this will be the first ever Sttoke with imprinted snowflakes. Grab one for you and your loved ones during this gifting season while stocks last to enjoy a Christmas with ice cream that doesn't melt and beer that lasts as long as the memories.

What’s The Difference between the Sttoke Lite & Sttoke Classic?

The Sttoke Classic has always been revolving around one thing – The Perfection of a good cup of Specialty Coffee. Using German Engineered Greblon Ceramic, The Sttoke Classic is made to bring out every note of your perfectly made brew.

The Sttoke Lite however, has been engineered in every way focusing and honing down on that one trait – Freshness. We wanted Versatility, bringing you a new experience in enjoying Ice Cream (No more melting, No More Plastic Cups), enjoying beer (Cause who on earth enjoys warm beer??) and enjoying Fresh Fruit Juice (have you tasted Fruit Juice left for more than half an hour…?).


STTOKE is the result of our refined, attentive, and practical approach in changing the game of sustainable coffee cups.  Sharing a passion in both coffee and innovation we have been driven to create a product to revolutionise the market.

We have covered all corners of the globe and the interactions and experiences of our travels have helped shape what we create.  Taking inspiration from the different coffee cultures around the world and combining it with our desire and dedication to make a difference, we were motivated to enact a beneficial change within the industry and add value through our product.

Our mission is to enhance the lifestyle you live through carrying a product that not only represents a positive movement in working towards a sustainable future, but is also practical and visually appealing.  From the farmers to the connoisseurs, we strive to provide those who share our values with a strong, united voice – starting with our reusable cup.

We are determined. Persistent. And we won’t stop until we get it right.

Welcome to Sttoke.

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