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THAT Inventions Chill Glass 500mL - Beer

THAT Inventions Chill Glass 500mL - Beer

Genuine Taste - Smooth to the last drop!

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Crystal clear and imbued with cooling fluid, this amazing glass chills any beer or liquor ice-free! Simply pre-freeze, take out, and pour slowly. Your drink will swiftly cool, stay cool, and never get watered down. Chill out! We've got you covered! 

-Double glass walls contain freezing fluid inside for a fast, long-lasting chill
-Maintains liquor flavour and requires no ice cubes
-Heat resistant borosilicate glass is safe, sanitary, and residue-free
-Smooth, rounded rims
-All-cork glass sleeve absorbs sweating, prevents slipping and clanging, and feels great!

Capacity: 500mL / 17oz
Total height: 167mm
Diameter: 84mm

-Clean with fresh water before first use
-Before each use, pre-freeze for 3-5 hours, upside down
-Actual chilling performance may vary depending on ambient temperature
-To clean the cork sleeve, please wipe gently with clean water (avoid soaking to prevent moulding) and place in open space to air dry
-NOT dishwasher safe


The kitchen is a place where tradition and creativity come together – a place for putting a new spin on old favorites. Here at THAT!, we apply that philosophy not to recipes, but to the tools we make them with. We believe that through good engineering, even the simplest of things can be made better – even something as ordinary as a butter knife. Our goal, our mission, our obsession is to create new tools to make life in the kitchen just a little bit easier.

How do we do it? We think up new solutions to old problems, and then we throw away the ones that don't simplify. That's why so many of our products are made without batteries, wires, or moving parts: whether it's cutting-edge materials or a fresh design concept, if an innovation doesn't simplify, it just won't last. And if it doesn't last, it's not worth buying – or making, for that matter.

We challenge you to pick up one of our butter knives without wanting to find a block of butter to try it on. That's the true test of a good tool – it just begs to be used. It's the feeling we aim for in every product we make, and it's how we engineer tools for a smarter kitchen.

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