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Joker Brenton NA41 Folding knife

Joker Brenton NA41 Folding knife

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The Breton has a very traditional design utilitarian blade, which is ideal for majority of tasks in the bush, at home, and wood widdling. Unlike the newer liner lock systems, Joker still uses the good old lock back blades system to ensure positive lock on the blade. The blade is thinner than the cocker but has the same semi-drop point shape. The handle is nicely curved to compensate for the natural curves of the hand, therefore the knife is very comfortable to use. The bullhorn scale handle is smooth and feels warm in the hand. 

Made in Spain

Total Length: 155 mm  
Blade: 72mm x 12 x 2.5mm
Handle: Bull horn scale
Steel: Molybdenum Vanadium (57HRC)

Made in Spain

A&R Zlatoust

Industrial and artistic "Company" A & R "started its activities July 26, 1999. At that time, the city worked up to a dozen small businesses involved in making jewelry knives. Unlike companies producing luxury, decorated with gold blades, in the Company's "A & R" started the mass production of simple and reliable hunting knives. On the anniversary of the city of Zlatoust "Company" A & R "has risen to the level of the leaders in the manufacture of knives. Organic synthesis of traditions gunsmiths past and modern technology, combined with excellent quality, provided airovskim knives popularity.Entered the market quite specific products, which have long needed a hunting brothers, fishermen and tourists

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