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Sasta Kaarna Jacket Charcoal, XL, 01-1188-0309-1

Sasta Kaarna Jacket Charcoal, XL, 01-1188-0309-1

A functional summer wool jacket for 3-4 season outdoor use.

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A functional summer wool jacket for 3-4 season outdoor use. This jacket can be used as a mid-layer or on its own as a hybrid jacket/sweater. The material is 70 % recycled wool, 30 % polyester, washable and highly breathable.
protective hood
zip pockets
adjustable hem

Sasta clothing is easy to care for and can be wet-cleaned (machine-wash at 30 °C or 40 °C). Follow the washing instructions for each garment carefully.

The products should be washed with a mild detergent, inside out and separately from other washing. Drum-drying and fast spinning are not recommended, as they could damage the materials. After washing, turn the products right-side out, smooth them, and hang them to dry on a hanger or a clothesline.

Do not use fabric-softener when washing Gore-Tex® and Windstopper® as it blocks the microscopic pores in the membrane or fabric and decreases the elasticity of the materials. Do not use bleach, either.

Stains can be removed with a stain-remover. We recommend testing the stain-remover on the inside of the product first, to make sure it can’t damage the surface material. After removing the stain, wash the garment per its washing instructions.

Most Sasta surface fabrics have been impregnated to make them repel dirt and water. If the effect has deteriorated or been lost in use and during washes, the garment can be re-impregnated. Impregnants are sold in sports and camping stores, where you can also ask for advice on choosing the right impregnant.

Do not sew badges or similar on your Gore-Tex® clothing. The stitches will pierce the waterproof membrane.



Sasta – a trusted partner wherever you are

We are a leading expert on hunting and hiking wear. Sasta’s advantage begins where maintained roads and easy paths end. When you need to be able to count on your outdoor gear absolutely, you can rely on Sasta.
Sasta is known for its classics and innovative products alike. The heart of Sasta products lies in their functionality, durability, and high-quality materials (such as Gore-Tex®, Windstopper®, and BuzzX fabrics). The products are designed and tested in the actual conditions in which they are used.
We have made it our task to make sure that you will never be completely at nature’s mercy – even in the most challenging of conditions.


Sasta is a Finnish family enterprise whose roots are deep in the wilderness of Nurmes, in Northern Karelia. Sasta was established in 1969 to meet the needs of managing in harsh conditions. With over four decades of experience, we offer our customers high-quality hunting and hiking wear. A quarter of our sales are in international markets.

Continuous testing and product development ensures that Sasta remains the number-one choice for nature enthusiasts who value their free time – both in Finland and abroad.

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