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Stahlwille Ratchet 3/8" Reversible 80TTH

Stahlwille Ratchet 3/8" Reversible 80TTH

Stahlwille ratchets are heavy duty and built to last. Suitable for practical use and can handle the turbulent conditions of your workshop.

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STAHLWILLE Quick Release System
Ratchets, handles, extensions, universal joints with safety locks.

● Secure, rapid connection between the individual components to form a single combined unit.
● Can only be separated by releasing the locking mechanism.
● Variable combinations of components possible.

The problem: imagine what happens if a tool falls into an inaccessible place during repair or overhaul work.

The consequences: arduous, costly search and recovery, possibly involving disassembly of an aeroengine or machine.

The solution: the safety lock built into the QuickRelease system prevents damage to workpieces and guarantees secure, rapid connection of all individual components to form a single combined unit. Nothing can get lost because it is not possible to inadvertently release a tool. To release a tool, it is first necessary to press the release button deliberately. Even if you have oily or greasy hands, attaching and separating the individual components is so simple it noticeably smoothes your workflows.

Brand Stahlwille
Type Ratchets
Drive 3/8"


For more than 150 years the name STAHLWILLE has stood for the pursuit of perfection. The new STAHLWILLE TRAINING CENTRE is located in the historic building of the head office premises in Wuppertal-Cronenberg, Germany. It’s a centre of innovation, where customers can exploit the full potential of STAHLWILLE products in application

Stahlwille provides professional tools to get the job done.
We manufacture tools designed for professional work in the automotive, aviation, industrial, and mining industries. Our products are designed in Germany. And uphold a reputation for quality, durability and ease of use. They are used by professional engineers, tradespeople, apprentices, mechanics, panel beaters and the like. And are optimised for a range of diverse situations and work environments. We also stock a range of heavy-duty tools for use in the aviation industry, defence force and for industrial application.

Quality tools for quality work.
Stahlwille tools are some of the highest quality tools on the marketplace. They are designed to be durable and strong and as a result are more economical. Stahlwille tools feature a lifetime warranty and are guaranteed to last just as long. We think tools should be made to withstand the rigours of the modern work environment. That’s why we test and refine all hand tools. For example, Stahlwille pliers are designed with a shock resistant grip to prevent electricity.

Stahlwille tools are used in heavy-duty industries and industrial environments, but also in automotive/maritime workshops. We pride ourselves in manufacturing speciality tools that are specially made for the demands of the modern trades worker and engineer. Our products, such as our sockets, are ergonomically designed to be used in the tightest of spaces. Furthermore, the plastic grips are treated to reduce slippage when working with greasy or oily hands.

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