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Akinod Straight Cutlery 12H34, 1922 A01M-022

Akinod Straight Cutlery 12H34, 1922 A01M-022

The Akinod Straight Magnetic 12H34 is a practical cutlery set with knife, fork and spoon.

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The Akinod Straight Magnetic 12H34 is a practical cutlery set with knife, fork and spoon. In one set everything you might need for a camping trip, hike or picnic. The great thing about this set is that you click the parts on top of each other with the help of the built-in magnets. As such you make sure your set remains complete and can compactly store it. This also mean they won't roam around in your backpack, picnic basket or caravan.

The elegant and sleek design of the 12H34 cutlery set makes it a real addition to your camping gear. Also great is that it comes with many different handles. As such each member of your family can select their own Akinod 12H34!

Of course the Akinod 12H34 is not only perfect for incidental trips. You can also use it on a daily basis at the office or on the road. Get rid of disposable plastic: bring your own cutlery.

Akinod outdoor cutlery
Akinod turns eating into a unique experience. Get rid of standard plastic camping cutlery, Akinod produces top-quality outdoor cutlery with a modern look and feel. Playful, made from the best materials and unique. Akinod's slogan is, after all: It's not where you eat, but how'.

Finish blade: satin    
Blade shape: straight back    
Type of edge: serrated    
Way of sharpening: flat    
Type of knife: outdoor kitchen knife    
Best use: camping    
MOLLE-compatible: no
Material handle: polymer    
Type of steel: 2Cr14
Weight: 125 grams    
Blade height: 1.5 cm    
Blade length: 7.2 cm    
Length: 17.7 cm    
Blade thickness: 1.2 mm    
Handle length: 10 cm


Akinod is a trademark that belongs to Coriolis, 22 rue Charles Graindorge, F-93170 Bagnolet, France.

Coriolis, founded by Luc Foin and Stéphane Lebeau, is dedicated since 1995 to cutlery items and outdoor gear. Our products are sold under 3 brands : Akinod, Baladéo and Deejo.

Crafted with the utmost care and with respect to both the craftsmen and the environment, our products are sold all over through the world.

Our products are manufactured or hand-crafted with materials both traditional (wood, horn, high-performance stainless steel) and modern (plastics, resins, nylon). We pay particular attention to the manufacturing process from the compilation of the preliminary design sketches to the production of the finished product.

Our designers develop new items and rethink traditional ones by focusing on functionality (weight, size, handling, comfort, grip) and aesthetics, without neglecting the essential element of all our products: the pleasure of handling and using them.

We implement strict quality control at every phase of production: from the production lines to the supply from our distributors in order to insure that the our collection reaches you the way we want: perfectly.

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