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Knivsmed Stromeng STAK2 Sami Knife Midten Buhkku

Knivsmed Stromeng STAK2 Sami Knife Midten Buhkku

This same knife handle of curly birch and reindeer horn, brass and reindeer skins.

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Knivsmed Stromeng STAK2 Sami Knife Midten Buhkku
This Sami knife has a handle of mason birch, reindeer horns, brass, reindeer skins and in addition cowhide in the center. These are stacked layer by layer.

The same knife is propably one of the most practical outdoor equipment ever made. But the same knife also has its own "magical power". From the old days and in sami folkmedicin, the knife has a magical healing power which was used to stop blood, take away pain etc.

For centuries the Sama people were hunters and fishermen. During the year they travelled hundreds of kilometres along well-known routes - in and out of fjords, up and down rivers, between fixed campsites where they knew there would be enough fish and game. The knife was their permanent companion, without it they felt helpless. It was a universal tool, which the men used to skin martens and beavers, cut reindeer meat, carve paddles and to defend themselves against attackers. The women used the knife to prepare leather and for wicker work and general household chores.
Overall Length (mm) 195
Blade Length (mm) 95
Blade Thickness (mm) 2.5
Blade Material Carbon Steel
Blade Style Slight Drop Point
Blade Grind Scandi
Blade Finish Satin
Tang Half
Pommel/Bolster Material` Brass
Butt Cap Material Brass
Handle Length (mm) 100
Handle Thickness at Thickest (mm) 15
Handle Material Curly Birch, Reindeer Horn, Cow hide, Brass & Reindeer Skin.
Handle Colour Natural and Dark Brown
Overall Knife Weight (g) 105
Sheath Material Leather
Sheath Colour Light Brown
Sheath Weight (g) 35
Knife Type Hunting Knife
Brand Knivsmed Stromeng
Model STAK2
Country of Origin Norway
Country of Manufacture Norway

Knivsmed Strømeng

The Same knife has deep roots in Same customs and history. Times change but the Same knife retains its firm position as a universal tool. Knivsmed Strømeng from Karasjok has been making same knives for generations.

Today's members of the Strømeng family are the 5th generation of Sami knife-makers, whose task it is to carry on their proud heritage. The new and modern building outside Karasjok comprises a workshop, sales outlet and exhibition. Here, the knife is the focal point and the plant has become a popular sightseeing destination.

The workshop and production premises were built in 1960,Image and have been modernised several times since. The sales and exhibition section, shaped as a large Same tent (lavvo), was completed a few years ago.

The company has a staff of 5 and an annual output of around 10,000 Same knives. It also makes 1,000 coffee pouches from reindeer leather in a traditional Same design. Knife-maker Strømeng has retailers all over Norway and "the Strømeng knife" has become a well-known concept and an indispensable tool on camping and skiing trips.

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