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Olight Headlamp H05 - Blue

Olight Headlamp H05 - Blue

Olight Headlamp H05 - Blue

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The H05 Lite Blue is a compact and feature-rich headlamp. With a specially developed anti-glare lens, it produces a soft beam to protect your eyesight while conquering important tasks. The stylish appearance is full of vigor and vitality, allowing you to choose between blue and pink for the family. The large top button makes it super easy to switch between white light, red light, and other settings as well. The headlamp can be tilted up to 45 degrees to satisfy any viewing angle you may have. At only 2.30x1.44x1.33in and 2.35oz, you won’t even notice that you’re wearing this tiny and lightweight headlamp! The nylon elastic strap makes it comfortable and safe to wear, and it can easily be adjusted to different head sizes. Simply open the battery compartment with the included key and swap them out on the go! Lightweight, simple, and vibrant, the headlamp is your perfect companion for reading, jogging, walking, camping, and so much more.

Beam Distance (m) 7
Max. Performance (lumens) 45
Powered By 2 x AAA Alkaline Battery
Light Intensity (candela)
  • 14cd(High)
Light Form independent close-range beam or a close and far mixed beam
Mode Operation Button
Series Series H (Headlamps, Multitasking)
Unique Characteristics
  • Eye-safe Beam: With an anti-glare lens, it protects your eyesight while being used in dark environments.
  • Fashionable Appearance: Blue or pink color available. This stylish design symbolizes youth and vigor, permeated with the spirit of optimism. Wear it with pride while reading, camping, jogging, walking, riding, etc.
  • Easy Operation: Double press the top button to switch between white light and red light; single press to cycle between the white light settings (high/medium/low) or red light (constant on/flashing).
  • Nylon Elastic Strap: With its flexible and elastic strap, this headlamp is super comfortable to wear and can be perfectly adjusted to your head size.
  • 45° Adjustable: The headlamp tilts up to 45°, allowing you to focus light where you need it without straining your neck.
  • Mini and Lightweight: Only 2.30x1.44x1.33in (headlamp only) and 2.35oz (including headband). With a size and weight this small, you won’t feel any fatigue after prolonged use.
  • Attached Battery Compartment Key: The battery compartment could be opened with the included key, without worrying that it is opened by mistake.
LEVEL 1 (lumens) 45
Run-time LEVEL 1 10+140minutes
LEVEL 2 (lumens) 20
Run-time LEVEL 2 4hours
LEVEL 3 (lumens) 5
Run-time LEVEL 3 10hours
Strobe No
Waterproof IPX2
Weight (g / oz) 66.5/2.35
Length (mm / in) 58.3/2.30
Width(mm / in) 36.5/1.44
Height (mm / in) 33.8/1.33
Light Source White LED Red LED
Packaging Carton box
Use running, camping, fishing, household, general use, fishing, climbing, cave exploration, outdoor activities, house activities, reading, jogging, walking
In The Box
  • H05 Lite(Including the Headlamp Strap) x 1
  • AAA Alkaline Battery(Installed Inside the Headlamp) x 2
  • User Manual x 1


We have one simple goal: to put an Olight in as many people’s hands as possible.

Why? Because we believe no one should be left in the dark — period.We believe in providing quality illumination products to everyone.We care about every little detail from brightness to runtime to ergonomics, size and weight — and more importantly, how we can improve your lives with light.We want to push our products to the limit so that we can give you the best lights in the smallest package possible for the best price, so you have the right tools to conquer the night.

We are a global technology driven lighting company filled with dedicated people who want to provide the best for our customers. We are Outdoors-men, Sportsmen, Veterans, and DIY go-getters — we are you. We use our own products everyday to make sure we practice what we preach; it keeps us honest. We want to give you quality design and functionality that really works when you need it to. We are just a group of people looking to change the world one light at a time. And we want you to be a part of it.


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